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Paul & Patrick forever in my heart ♥ ∞

“It’s a m a g i c a l place, son. There’s only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott, and it’s your home.”

September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

"Nothing feels like when I’m respected or when I get on stage and see that I’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter and at this point in my life, that’s what I’m striving for… Growth, happiness, fun… enjoy your life. It’s short. That’s the message."

Heartbreaking. The world is silent. Will you just pretend they don’t exist? Are you heartless? Shame on you! Where did the humanity go? 

It’s not about religions or something else, it’s about HUMANITY

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King, Jr. #PrayForGaza 


Happy 50th Birthday, Courteney Bass Cox.

Happy 50th birthday, Courteney Bass Cox! (June 15, 1964)

Happy birthday CC! Can’t believe she’s 50! Still stunning! <3

Happy birthday Eion Bailey!
June 8, 1976

this isn’t sometimes; yeah, it’s for always
if I’m gonna love you with all of my heart
and if there is no more time, this always remains
even as the world spins itself apart
cause I remember them days, I waited so patiently
for god to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me

and then he blessed my soul


Ted & Robin ALPHABET || Cheer you up

But you can never stop me from trying to cheer you up.
It’s a fact of life


Ted & Robin ALPHABET || Blue french horn

You stole the blue french horn for me…